Cartoon Photos of Wiz Khalifa for Cell Phone Wallpaper (size: 240x240)

Cartoon portraits are so cool and eye-catching.
More and more people are using cartoon portrait as their cell phone wallpaper nowadays.

Here is a collection of free celebrity cartoon portrait to be used as cell phone (mobile phone) wallpaper.

Feel free to download it.

Just remember to choose the resolution matching your cell phone screen size.
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Do you know that you can create your own cell phone wallpaper yourself? If the above picture is not cropped correctly, you can manually crop the image by clicking the manual crop (scissors) icon below your desired picture.


The above pictures can be used as wallpaper on the following cell phones model:

BlackBerry BlackBerry 7730
BlackBerry BlackBerry 7750
BlackBerry BlackBerry 7780
HP iPAQ 6900
HP iPAQ HW6500
HP iPAQ HW6900
HP iPAQ HW6925
Palm 750
Palm Treo 750v
Samsung F310
Samsung SGH-F310
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