Cell Phone Screen Resolution, sorted by screen size

For best result, the size (dimension) of cell phone wallpaper must match the size of cell phone screen.

Whenever the wallpaper dimension is too large for the screen, it will be automatically resized by your cell phone. This automatic resizing usually results in a poor image display quality.

On the other hand, if the wallpaper dimension is too small for the screen, the picture will not cover all of your screen. Why would you display small picture if your mobile phone can display a larger one? Bigger picture means clearer picture, right?

Below is a list of cell phone (mobile phone) screen resolution, sorted by screen size. (Ipad and popular tablets are also included)
Use this list as a guide on choosing the right size of cartoon photo wallpaper for your cell phone or smartphone.

(If you need to know the resolution of your cell phone screen,
there is also a list of cell phone screen resolution by brand and model available)

Screen resolution:      
Screen Resolution Brand Model
64 x 98BenQVulcan
64 x 112SiemensSL50
64 x 128HaierP7
80 x 120LGVX3100
95 x 76DocomoNM502i
96 x 44Nokia7110
96 x 64DocomoD502i
96 x 65MotorolaC350
96 x 68Nokia1112
96 x 72DocomoD501i
96 x 76SoftbankJ-SA02
96 x 78DocomoF209i
96 x 84SoftbankJ-SH02
96 x 89SoftbankJ-P02
96 x 90SoftbankJ-T04
96 x 91DocomoP209i
96 x 95DocomoP501i
96 x 96DocomoKO209i
96 x 104SoftbankJ-SH03
96 x 113DocomoF210i
96 x 120DocomoD209i
98 x 64MotorolaC201
100 x 120DocomoD211i
101 x 54EricssonA2628
 EricssonT39m R2
101 x 64Sagemmy100x
101 x 65EricssonR320
101 x 67EricssonR520
101 x 80AlcatelOne Touch 156
 GradienteConcept GX2
 PhilipsFisio 330
 PhilipsFisio 625
 SagemMy X2
101 x 111Motorolai85s/i50sx/i55sr
102 x 80AlcatelOne Touch 257
104 x 80KyoceraK483JLC
104 x 208Nokia7380
108 x 82DocomoN209i
110 x 72TsmTSM-5mt
111 x 100Motorolai88s
111 x 106NokiaDoCoMo NM502i
112 x 64AlcatelOT 153
112 x 76PhilipsFisio 820
 PhilipsFisio 825
112 x 84DocomoF501i
112 x 128SanyoRL-4920
116 x 122SoftbankJ-DN02
116 x 181VitelcomTSM-100
118 x 114DocomoN502i
118 x 128DocomoN501i
 NECDoCoMo N501i
 NECDoCoMo N502i
 NECDoCoMo N503i
118 x 256Tel.Me.T919
119 x 64Motorolai80s
120 x 72DocomoER209i
120 x 80LGDM120
120 x 96SamsungSGH-A400
120 x 108LGLX5350
120 x 110SoftbankJ-K03
120 x 112SoftbankJ-SA05
120 x 115DocomoP503i
120 x 116KDDIC3001H
120 x 117SoftbankJ-D03
120 x 120DocomoSO210i
 SonyEricssonDoCoMo SO502i
120 x 124VitelcomTSM-30
120 x 126DocomoF671i
120 x 127DocomoN210i
120 x 128DBTEL2039
120 x 130DocomoF503i
120 x 143MitsuTrium Eclipse
120 x 144Sanyo8100
120 x 145DocomoN211i
120 x 160BenQAthena S830C
 KyoceraK4 XXL
 SanyoSCP 510CN
 SharpTQ GX10
 SharpTQ GX15
123 x 69MotorolaT280i
125 x 96PanasonicG50
128 x 50SamsungM100
128 x 64LGMG191
128 x 80SamsungSCH N255
128 x 83VitelcomTSM340
128 x 92MitsuM330
128 x 95LGC130
128 x 96AudiovoxCDM-8450
 SamsungSPH A400
128 x 97SamsungSGH-X105
128 x 100MotorolaT280
128 x 112DesktopHTML Web browser
128 x 115Nokia6651
128 x 120KDDIC3002K
 SanyoSCP 6200
128 x 121ToshibaTS21i
128 x 127LG9200
128 x 128AlcatelOH1C
 AlcatelOne Touch 355
 AlcatelOne Touch 835
 AudiovoxCDM 8150
 AudiovoxCDM 8610VM
 BenQNike1 S660C
 LGBX 4170
 PantechPT GB300
 PhilipsFisio 639
 SagemBleu 453x
 SamsungGT E2121
 SamsungSGH C140
 SamsungSGH C200
 SamsungSGH C280
 SamsungSGH Q100
 SanyoVI-2300 (SCP-2300)
 VK MobileVK200
128 x 131SharpZ800
128 x 141AlcatelOne Touch 531
128 x 143PantechG650
 VK Mobile530
 VK MobileVK1000
 VK MobileVK520
128 x 144SamsungSGH-S200
128 x 146ZTEC705
128 x 160AirnessAir99
 AlcatelMandarina Duck
 AlcatelMiss Sixty
 AlcatelOne Touch 280
 AlcatelOne Touch 506D
 Alcatelone touch 665
 AlcatelOne Touch C550
 AlcatelOne Touch C552
 AlcatelOne Touch C630
 AlcatelOne Touch C651
 AlcatelOne Touch C652
 AlcatelOne Touch C750
 AlcatelOneTouch Sport
 AlcatelOT 303A
 AlcatelOT 383
 AlcatelOT C701
 AlcatelOT S320
 AlcatelOT S321A
 AlcatelOT S621
 AlcatelOT S626A
 AlcatelOT V570
 AlcatelOT V670
 HisenseHS C3698
 InnostreamInno 99
 KyoceraK325 (Cyclops)
 LGS5100 MIC
 ModeLabsmyway Slim
 MotorolaPEBL U3
 MotorolaRAZR L6
 Nokia1680 classic
 Nokia2220 slide
 Nokia2320 classic
 Nokia2330 Classic
 Nokia2720 fold
 Nokia3109 classic
 PhilipsXenium 99
 PhilipsXenium 9@9
 SagemSagem MY501C
 SamsungGT C3212
 SamsungSCH A530
 SamsungSCH A561
 SamsungSCH A610
 SamsungSCH A670
 SamsungSCH R100
 SamsungSCH U350
 SamsungSGH C417
 SamsungSGH E250
 SamsungSGH E250i
 SamsungSGH E420
 SamsungSGH E428
 SamsungSGH E818
 SamsungSGH J160
 SamsungSGH J700i
 SamsungSGH M150
 SamsungSGH M310V
 SamsungSGH X450
 SamsungSGH X480
 SamsungSGH X500
 SamsungSGH X640
 SamsungSGH X650
 SamsungSGH X680
 SamsungSPH A860
 SamsungSPH M210
 SamsungSPH M230
 SamsungSPH M330
 SamsungVM-A680 (SPH-A680)
 UTStarcomUTS 7176M
128 x 176LGU8180F
128 x 220SamsungSGH F210
128 x 256SamsungSGH-X830
130 x 130Motorolai290
132 x 65BlackBerryBlackBerry 950
132 x 126MitsubishiDoCoMo D503i
132 x 128KDDIA3011SA
132 x 136DocomoF504i
 FujitsuDoCoMo F504i
132 x 142DocomoD2101V
132 x 144DocomoF251i
 MitsubishiDoCoMo D504i
 PanasonicDoCoMo P504i
132 x 147KDDIA3012CA
132 x 156DocomoF212i
132 x 158DocomoN251i
132 x 160DocomoD251i
132 x 162NECe606
132 x 163KDDIA5302CA
132 x 176BenQ-SiemensS68
136 x 120PanasonicGD67
136 x 176SanyoSCP580
140 x 160SamsungSGH-T100
144 x 135KDDIC5001T
144 x 136SoftbankJ-T07
144 x 140SoftbankV302T
144 x 144SoftbankJ-T09
144 x 156KDDIA3013T
144 x 176KDDIA5301T
 KDDI-ToshibaA1304T II
144 x 262HuaweiU120
150 x 100AlcatelOne Touch 715
150 x 170UTStarcomC711
160 x 120DocomoF671iS
160 x 128AudiovoxCDM-180
 VK MobileVK2010
160 x 160BlackBerryBlackBerry 857
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 957
160 x 180NECDoCoMo N504i
160 x 198Docomo504iS
160 x 240LGTM910
162 x 176SamsungSPH-i500
162 x 178SamsungSGH i505
162 x 216NEC341i
174 x 132DocomoNM850iG
176 x 144AmoiM300
 SamsungB3210 (Corby TXT)
176 x 157LGKE260
176 x 160OperaMini 1
176 x 164DocomoP2101V
176 x 176NECe238
176 x 178SamsungS342i
176 x 180DocomoN600i
176 x 182DocomoF2051
176 x 183LGG7200
176 x 184LGVX-8350
176 x 185UTStarcomCDM8975
176 x 186IMT880
176 x 187LGKG810
176 x 192SamsungZ100
176 x 198DocomoN2051
176 x 200NECc313
 NovarraCTS reformatting proxy
176 x 208Nokia3230
 Softbank702NK(NOKIA 6630)
 Softbank702NKII(NOKIA 6680)
176 x 220AhongD13
 AlcatelOne Touch C825
 AlcatelOne Touch S853
 AlcatelOT C820
 AlcatelOT S680
 AlcatelOT S686
 AlcatelOT S920
 AlphaCell WirelessM5
 AmcAMC F188
 AmoiLevis The Original
 AsmobileI-mobile 607
 BeelineBeeline C100
 DorisWeb Browser
 FlyFly V100
 HaierDouble Z702
 HaierHTIL V70
 HPiPAQ 510
 HuaweiVodafone 710
 HuaweiVodafone 715
 HuaweiVODAFONE 720
 LGKE 520
 LGLG 5500
 MitacMio 8390
 ModeLabsMTV 3.0
 ModelLabsMTV 3.0
 MotorolaBlack Monster
 MotorolaKRZR K1c
 MotorolaPEBL U6
 MotorolaRAZR V3
 MotorolaRAZR V3c
 MotorolaRAZR V3i
 MotorolaRAZR V3m
 MotorolaSLVR L7
 MotorolaSLVR L7c
 MotorolaVE 440
 MyPhoneB22 Duo
 NexianNX250 D
 OrangeSPV C500
 OrangeSPV E100
 PantechCDM 8960
 PantechEUROPA U4000
 PantechPN E330
 SagemMY 421Z
 SamsungGT C5130
 SamsungGT M2510
 SamsungGT M2513
 SamsungGT M2520
 SamsungGT S3030
 SamsungGT S3100
 SamsungGT S3600C
 SamsungSCH A790
 SamsungSCH A815
 SamsungSCH A915
 SamsungSCH E159
 SamsungSCH F679
 SamsungSCH R600
 SamsungSCH S319
 SamsungSCH S379
 SamsungSCH U450
 SamsungSCH U490
 SamsungSCH U510
 SamsungSCH U640
 SamsungSCH U740
 SamsungSCH W259
 SamsungSCH W399
 SamsungSGH A637
 SamsungSGH A837
 SamsungSGH E380
 SamsungSGH E398
 SamsungSGH E490
 SamsungSGH E496
 SamsungSGH E570
 SamsungSGH E750
 SamsungSGH E760
 SamsungSGH E838
 SamsungSGH F268
 SamsungSGH F300
 SamsungSGH F679
 SamsungSGH J610
 SamsungSGH J618
 SamsungSGH J750
 SamsungSGH L320
 SamsungSGH L700
 SamsungSGH L708
 SamsungSGH L760
 SamsungSGH L768
 SamsungSGH P200
 SamsungSGH P705
 SamsungSGH P710
 SamsungSGH S366
 SamsungSGH T139
 SamsungSGH T459
 SamsungSGH T509S
 SamsungSGH T629
 SamsungSGH Z230
 SamsungSGH Z240
 SamsungSGH ZV60
 SamsungSPH A940
 SamsungSPH M510
 SamsungSPH M540
 SamsungSPH Z400
 ToshibaTS 605
 ToshibaTS 608
 ToshibaTS 705
 UTStarcomCDM 8950
 UTStarcomCDM 8964
 VerizonCDM 8950
 VK MobileVK4500
 Windows MobileSmartphone
 YulongCoolPAD 288
 ZTEU Mobile Futsuu
 ZTEYoigo F188
 ZTEYoigo F233
176 x 229FlyB700 Duo
176 x 240BlackBerryBlackBerry 9150
177 x 223SendoW622
178 x 220HelioOcean
208 x 104Nokia7280
208 x 208Nokia5500
208 x 320BenQP30
216 x 162NECA525
220 x 113LGKE820
220 x 176AlcatelOT v770
 LemonIQ 707
 ModeLabsLevis - the original
 ModelLabsLevis - the original
 MotorolaVE 465
 SamsungGT B3210
 SamsungSCH R350
 SamsungSCH R351
 SamsungSCH U440
 SamsungSGH A766
 SamsungSGH A767
220 x 220LGU8550
222 x 261Softbank304T
230 x 240FujitsuDoCoMo F900i
230 x 310Motorolai9
232 x 323KDDICA3A
240 x 160BlackBerryBlackBerry 7520
240 x 224MotorolaW750
240 x 235DocomoNM705i
240 x 240BlackBerryBlackBerry 7730
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 7750
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 7780
 HPiPAQ 6900
 HPiPAQ HW6500
 HPiPAQ HW6900
 HPiPAQ HW6925
 PalmTreo 750v
240 x 255NECN840
240 x 260BlackBerryBlackBerry 7100
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 7100i
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 7130
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 7130c
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8100
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8120
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8130
240 x 266DocomoP900i
240 x 269DocomoN900i
240 x 270Docomo505i Series
240 x 272LGVX-8560
240 x 274LGVX 7100
240 x 275LGVX8500
240 x 292KDDIA1406PT
240 x 298LGVX-8800
240 x 300MotorolaMOTOROKR Z6M
240 x 302SpiceC 810
240 x 320AcerE110
 Alcatelone touch 890D
 Alcatelone touch 906
 Alcatelone touch 906Y
 AlcatelOT 708
 AsusVodafone 1520
 Bell TechnologyEmgeton Enzo
 BenQMD 300H
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8220
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8230
 EmgetonEmgeton Enzo
 FlyB720 Duo
 FujitsuDoCoMo F903i
 FujitsuDoCoMo F904i
 HPiPAQ 610
 HPiPAQ Data Messenger
 HPiPAQ rw6815
 HPiPAQ Voice Messenger
 HTCHTC Opal 100
 HTCHTC Touch Viva T2223
 HTCSmart F3188
 HTCTouch 3G T3232
 HTCTouch Cruise
 HTCTouch Dual
 HTCVogu100 P3050
 HTC CorporationTattoo
 HTC CorporationTouch2
 HuaweiGM T3
 HuaweiMTC 752
 HuaweiVodafone 725
 HuaweiVodafone 810
 HuaweiVodafone 830
 HuaweiVODAFONE 830i
 HuaweiVODAFONE 840
 HuaweiVodafone 845
 HuaweiVodafone 858
 ImobileTV 626
 InfoSonicsVeryKool i250
 INQ MobileINQ B1 200H
 INQ MobileINQ1
 KDDIGeneric WAP 2
 KDDISweets cute
 KDDISweets pure
 KDDI-KyoceraW31K/K II
 KDDI-KyoceraW44K II
 KDDI-KyoceraW44K/K II
 KDDI-SanyoA5520SA/SA II
 KDDI-SanyoSweets cute
 KDDI-SanyoSweets pure
 KDDI-SonyEricssonA1402S II
 KDDI-SonyEricssonA1404S/S II
 KDDI-ToshibaW44T/T II/T III
 KyoceraVodafone 736
 Kyocera Wireless CorpKWC-Glide
 LGKS20 Corona
 LGVX 8360
 MitsubishiDoCoMo D904i
 ModeLabsmyWAY touch
 ModelLabsmyWAY touch
 MotorolaMOTO ZN300
 MotorolaMOTORAZR V9
 MotorolaMOTORIZR Z8
 MotorolaMOTOROKR E6
 MotorolaMOTOROKR Z6
 MotorolaRAZR V3x
 MotorolaRAZR V3xx
 MotorolaRAZR V3xxi iZar
 MotorolaRAZR V6
 MotorolaRAZR V8
 MotorolaRAZR2 V8
 MotorolaRIZR V8
 MotorolaROKR E2
 NexianNX G801
 Nokia2700 classic
 Nokia2730 Classic
 Nokia3120 classic
 Nokia3208 classic
 Nokia3600 slide
 Nokia3720 classic
 Nokia5310 XpressMusic
 Nokia5320 XpressMusic
 Nokia5330 Mobile TV Edition
 Nokia5530 XpressMusic
 Nokia5630 XpressMusic
 Nokia6120 classic
 Nokia6121 classic
 Nokia6124 classic
 Nokia6208 classic
 Nokia6220 classic
 Nokia6303 Classic
 Nokia6303i Classic
 Nokia6500 Slide
 Nokia6600 fold
 Nokia6600 slide
 Nokia6600i slide
 Nokia6650 fold
 Nokia6700 classic
 Nokia6700 slide
 Nokia6730 classic
 Nokia6750 1b
 Nokia6750 Mural
 Nokia7100 Supernova
 Nokia7510 Supernova
 Nokia7610 Supernova
 Nokia8800 Arte
 NokiaAsha 300
 NokiaAsha 303
 NokiaAsha 501
 NokiaN2700 Classic
 NokiaN3711 Fold
 NokiaN86 8MP
 O2Xda Atom Exec
 O2XDA Comet
 O2Xda Exec
 O2Xda Graphite
 O2Xda Zinc
 OperaOpera Mini for S60
 PanasonicDoCoMo P506iC
 PanasonicSoftBank 705P
 PanasonicSoftBank 810P
 SagemPorsche Design P9521
 SagemPUMA Phone M1
 SagemPUMA Phone M1/1.0
 SamsungB3313 (Corby Mate)
 SamsungC3510 (Corby POP)
 SamsungGalaxy Chat (B5330)
 SamsungGalaxy Mini
 SamsungGalaxy Star (S5282)
 SamsungGalaxy Y (S5360)
 SamsungGT B3310
 SamsungGT B3313
 SamsungGT B3410
 SamsungGT B5310
 SamsungGT B5722
 SamsungGT C3300K
 SamsungGT C3510
 SamsungGT C6112
 SamsungGT M5650
 SamsungGT S3370
 SamsungGT S3650
 SamsungGT S3653
 SamsungGT S5350
 SamsungGT S5503
 SamsungGT S5510
 SamsungGT S5600
 SamsungGT S5603
 SamsungGT S6700
 SamsungMM-A900 (SPH-A900)
 SamsungS3650 (Corby Touch)
 SamsungSCH R550
 SamsungSCH R561
 SamsungSCH U650
 SamsungSCH U700
 SamsungSCH U750
 SamsungSCH U810
 SamsungSCH U900
 SamsungSCH W569
 SamsungSGH A687
 SamsungSGH A827
 SamsungSGH D880
 SamsungSGH D900
 SamsungSGH D900i
 SamsungSGH D908I
 SamsungSGH D980
 SamsungSGH D988
 SamsungSGH E950
 SamsungSGH F480
 SamsungSGH F480I
 SamsungSGH G400
 SamsungSGH G810
 SamsungSGH i200
 SamsungSGH i550V
 SamsungSGH I710
 SamsungSGH i728
 SamsungSGH i740
 SamsungSGH L770
 SamsungSGH L810V
 SamsungSGH L811
 SamsungSGH P960
 SamsungSGH S7330
 SamsungSGH T359
 SamsungSGH T469
 SamsungSGH T669
 SamsungSGH U600
 SamsungSGH U700
 SamsungSGH U700V
 SamsungSGH U800E
 SamsungSGH Z510
 SamsungSoftBank 705SC
 SamsungSoftbank 706SC
 SamsungSoftbank 707SC
 SamsungSoftbank 707SCII
 SamsungSoftBank 709SC
 SamsungSoftBank 805SC
 SamsungSoftbank 820SC
 SamsungSoftBank 920SC
 SamsungSPH A523
 SamsungSPH M550
 SanyoSCP 8500
 SanyoSCP PRO200
 SharpKDDI Sportio waterbeat
 SharpSoftBank 812SH
 SharpSoftBank 813SH
 SharpSoftBank 816SH
 SharpSoftBank 820SH
 SharpSoftBank 823sh
 SharpSoftbank 824SH
 SharpSoftBank 825SH
 SharpSoftBank 911SH
 SharpSoftBank 913SH
 SharpTQ GX F200
 SharpTQ GX20
 SharpTQ GX25
 SharpTQ GX29
 SharpTQ GX30
 SharpTQ GX32
 SharpVodafone 804SH
 SharpVodafone 902SH
 SkyfireSkyfire Browser
 Softbank812SH Premium
 Softbank815T PB
 SonyEricssonC123 A
 SonyEricssonGeneric A1
 T-MobileMDA Touch
 T-MobilePulse Mini
 ToshibaSoftBank 810T
 ToshibaSoftbank 811T
 ToshibaSoftBank 813T
 ToshibaSoftbank 814T
 ToshibaSoftbank 815T
 ToshibaSoftBank 921T
 ToshibaTS 921
 Toshibavodafone 803T
 Toshibavodafone 903T
 Toshibavodafone 904T
 Usha Lexus848B
 Usha Lexus888B
 UTStarcomMP6900 SP
 VK MobileVK5000
 VodafoneSFR V3650
 VodafoneVODAFONE 735
 VodafoneVodafone 810
 Vodafone ZTEIndie
 Windows MobilePocket PC
 ZTEG X760
 ZTEG X761
 ZTEG X960
 ZTEMovistar Link
240 x 345DocomoN601i
240 x 352DocomoF884iES
240 x 375KDDI-SonyEricssonS001
 SonyEricssonKDDI S001
240 x 378LGLG840
240 x 384SamsungGT i5700
240 x 400AcerAcer E100
 AcerAcer E101
 AcerAcer E200
 KDDI-HitachiW43H/H II
 KyoceraKDDI NS01
 NokiaAsha 306
 NokiaAsha 311
 PanasonicSoftBank 820P
 Porsche DesignP9522
 SamsungGT B7300
 SamsungGT I6220
 SamsungGT M7600
 SamsungGT M8800
 SamsungGT S5230
 SamsungGT S5230W
 SamsungGT S5233A
 SamsungGT S5233W
 SamsungGT S5560
 SamsungGT S5620
 SamsungGT S7550
 SamsungSCH i910
 SamsungSCH U820
 SamsungSGH A697
 SamsungSGH A867
 SamsungSGH A885
 SamsungSGH A886
 SamsungSGH A887
 SamsungSGH I6410
 SamsungSGH i900
 SamsungSGH T746
 SharpSoftBank DM002SH
 Softbank913SH G
 SonyEricssonKDDI W64S
 ToshibaSoftBank 830T
 ToshibaSoftBank 912T
 ZTET-Mobile Vairy Touch II
240 x 427DocomoP-01C
 NECDoCoMo F706i
 PanasonicSoftBank 830P
 Softbank002P for Biz
240 x 428SamsungR860
240 x 432DocomoF-05A
 SamsungSGH F490
240 x 440SamsungSGH F700
240 x 480LG10000
 LGVX 9600
 Samarti-mobile 5210
 SAMART i-mobile5210
 SamsungSGH T939
256 x 240DocomoSO505i
 SonyEricssonDoCoMo SO505i
256 x 384NintendoDS
320 x 194LGVX-9100
320 x 199LGVX-9200
320 x 204LGVX9400
320 x 240AlcatelAlcatel one touch Phone
 AlcatelOne Touch 800
 Alcatelone touch 890
 AlcatelOT 800
 AlcatelOT 808
 AlcatelOT 808A
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8300
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8310
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8320
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8330
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8350i
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8520
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8530
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8700
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8703e
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8707
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8800
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8820
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 8830
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9300
 HPiPAQ 910
 HTCSnap S523
 INQQ1 200H
 INQ MobileQ1 200H
 INQ MobileQ1 218H
 IXICT 25m
 MotorolaMOTOROKR E8
 MotorolaQ8 -GSM
 NexianNX D980
 NexianNX G901
 NexianNX G912
 NexianNX G922
 NexianNX T911
 NexianNX T922
 NokiaAsha 210 Dual SIM
 NokiaE73 Mode
 OrangeSPV E610
 PalmTreo 500v
 SamsungGT B7320
 SamsungSCH i220
 SamsungSGH I617
 SamsungSoftBank 708SC
 SamsungSPH M560
 SamsungSprint SPH i350
 Sonymylo COM-2
 VeneraVoyager V1
 Vodafone555 Blue
 VodafoneVDA GPS
 ZTEVodafone 1231
320 x 256LGVX9800
320 x 320PalmCentro
 PalmTreo 650
 PalmTreo 680
 PalmTreo 700P
 PalmTreo 755p
 PalmTreo 800w
 PalmTreo 850
 PalmTungsten T3
 PalmZire 72
 SamsungGT B7350
 SamsungSGH i780
 SamsungSGH i780V
320 x 400AmazonKindle
320 x 480AcerAcer E310
 AppleiPod Touch
 HTCA6161 Magic
 HTCHD Mini T5555
 HTCHero 200
 MicromaxA57 (Ninja 3)
 MotorolaMoto MB300
 SamsungGalaxy Ace
 SamsungGalaxy Fame (S6810)
 SamsungGalaxy Young (S6310)
 SamsungSCH F339
 T-MobilemyTouch 3G Slide
324 x 352BlackBerryBlackBerry 7100t
 SamsungSCH i519
345 x 800LGBL40
352 x 416NokiaE60
360 x 120EricssonR380e
360 x 400BlackBerryBlackBerry 9100
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9105
360 x 480BlackBerryBlackBerry 9500
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9520
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9530
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9550
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9800
360 x 640Nokia500
 Nokia5800 XpressMusic
 Nokia5802 XpressMusic
 NokiaN97 mini
384 x 288MotorolaAURA
400 x 240LGCX700
400 x 427Softbank831N
400 x 800Archos5
432 x 240SonyNWZ-X1060
450 x 854PanasonicDoCoMo P905A
480 x 272SonyPlayStation Portable
480 x 320BlackBerryBlackBerry 9000
480 x 360BlackBerryBlackBerry 8900
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9360
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9630
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9650
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9700
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9780
480 x 427Softbank830CA
480 x 540MotorolaXT702
480 x 640AcerX960
 AsusO2 Xda Zest
 BlackBerryBlackBerry 9810
 HTCSprint PPC6850SP
 HTCTouch Diamond
 HTCTouch Pro
 HTCTouch Pro/T7272/TyTn III
 O2Xda Flame
 SharpSoftBank 810SH
 SharpSoftbank 811SH
 SharpSoftBank 814SH
 SharpSoftBank 815SH
 SharpSoftbank 910SH
 T-MobileMDA Pro
 ToshibaSoftbank 911T
 ToshibaSoftBank 920T
 Velocity MobileVelocity 103 VGA
480 x 690DocomoN903i
480 x 760LGVX 11000
480 x 800AcerAcer F900
 AcerAcer S100
 AcerAcer S200
 CasioSoftbank 830CA
 HTCEvo 4G
 HTCTouch Diamond 2
 HTCTouch HD T8282
 HTCTouch HD T8285
 HTCTouch Pro2 T7373
 HTC CorporationXV6975
 HuaweiU8800 Pro
 KT TechKM-S120
 LGVS910 4G
 MsIEMobile 8
 NokiaLumia 625
 NokiaLumia 720
 NokiaLumia 800
 NokiaNokia X
 PantechSKY IM A600S
 SamsungGalaxy Ace 2 (I8160)
 SamsungGalaxy Core (I8260)
 SamsungGalaxy Grand (I9082)
 SamsungGalaxy Infinite (i759)
 SamsungGalaxy S
 SamsungGalaxy S II
 SamsungGalaxy S III Mini / Galaxy S3 Mini (I8190)
 SamsungGalaxy Win (I8550)
 SamsungGT i8000
 SamsungGT I9000
 SamsungGT M8910
 SamsungGT S8500
 SamsungOmnia 7
 SamsungSCH U960
 SamsungSGH I8320
 SamsungSHW M100S
 SamsungSHW M110S
 SamsungSoftBank 930SC
 SamsungSoftbank 931SC
 T-MobileMDA Vario V
480 x 845HitachiKDDI H001
480 x 854CasioKDDI CA001
 CasioSoftBank 930CA
 DocomoDoCoMo 2.0
 KDDIMobile Hi-Vision CAM Wooo
 KDDISportio water beat
 MotorolaDroid 2
 MotorolaSholes Tablet
 NECDoCoMo N904i
 NECDoCoMo N905i
 PanasonicDoCoMo P905iTV
 PanasonicKDDI P001
 PanasonicSoftBank 920P
 PanasonicSoftBank 921P
 PantechKDDI NS02
 SharpKDDI SH001
 SharpKDDI SH002
 SharpSoftBank 920SH
 SharpSoftBank 923SH
 SharpSoftbank 930SH
 SharpSoftbank 932SH
 SharpSoftbank 933SH
 Softbank920SH YK
 SonyXperia L
 SonyEricssonKDDI G9 iida
 SonyEricssonKDDI SN3I
 ToshibaKDDI T001
 ToshibaKDDI T002
480 x 860DocomoDoCoMo SO905iCS
 DocomoNec N01A
 NECDoCoMo N906i
 SharpDoCoMo SH01A
 SharpDoCoMo SH906i
 SonyEricssonDoCoMo SO905i
480 x 862FujitsuDoCoMo F905i
480 x 864DocomoD905i
 FujitsuDoCoMo F906i
480 x 960DocomoF-03A
 ToshibaKDDI TS3O
480 x 1024Softbank931SH
540 x 960HTCSensation
 MotorolaDroid X2
 SamsungGalaxy Mega 5.8 (I9150)
 SamsungGalaxy S4 Mini (I9190)
 SamsungGalaxy S4 Zoom
 SonyXperia P
600 x 800AmazonKindle 2
 AmazonKindle 3
 Barnes and NobleNook
600 x 1024AcerIconia Tab A100
 AmazonKindle Fire
 Barnes and NobleNOOK Tablet
640 x 200Nokia9300i
640 x 240EricssonMC218
640 x 320Nokia7710
640 x 360Nokia701
640 x 480HTCAthena
 SharpSoftBank 912SH
640 x 960AppleiPhone 4
 AppleiPhone 4S
640 x 1136AppleiPhone 5
720 x 720BlackBerryBlackBerry Q10
720 x 1280SamsungGalaxy Mega 6.3 (I9200)
 SamsungGalaxy Nexus
 SamsungGalaxy Note 2
 SamsungGalaxy S III / Galaxy S3 (I9300)
 SonyXperia S
 SonyXperia SP
768 x 1024AppleIpad
 AppleIpad 2
 AppleiPad Mini
768 x 1280BlackBerryBlackBerry Z10
 NokiaLumia 1020
 NokiaLumia 920
800 x 352NokiaE90
 NokiaE90 Communicator
800 x 480DellStreak
 GoogleNexus One
 NokiaGeneric Maemo
800 x 600Velocity MicroCruz T301
800 x 1280AcerA500
 SamsungGalaxy Note (N7000)
854 x 480DocomoN-08B
 SharpSoftBank 921SH
 SharpSoftBank 922sh
960 x 544SonyPlayStation Vita
1024 x 480SharpSoftbank 931SH
1024 x 600BlackBerryPlayBook
 OlivettiOliPad 100
 OlivettiOlivetti OliPad 100
1080 x 1920SamsungGalaxy Note 3
 SamsungGalaxy S4 (I9295)
 SamsungGalaxy S4 (I9500)
 SonyXperia Z
1280 x 768DocomoL-06C
1280 x 800AcerA510
1536 x 2048AppleIpad 3
 AppleIpad 4
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